3 Questions to Ask to Give Readers What They Want

Nicholas Graziade

Writing school can be a diverse realm. On enrolling, you’ll find future poets, essayists, novelists, journalists, and all of their ilk. And, if this gaggle of grammar lovers isn’t diverse enough when simply categorized, you’ll soon find that each and every person has a unique style and equally unique opinions about what is good writing! However, almost every writing student quickly becomes familiar with one ubiquitous adage: know your audience.

While this may seem a bit innocuous, knowing your audience has the potential to radically shape your mailing content. Creating an engaging mailing takes many dimensions, and a solid audience understanding can really help you focus your designs into something wonderful! Remember, there is no such thing as a “general” reader!

Always think of your readers and what they expect. This will, ultimately, guide your written and visual design choices within a mailing. Below, I’ve married the ideas of knowing your audience and building your content into three key questions that should help you understand some different perspectives on how these two concepts intertwine and can benefit you!

What information do my readers need from my mailing?

What are you trying to communicate to your audience? The way you communicate with your subscribers during a welcome campaign will be quite different than during a renewal campaign. Make sure that what you want to say – your main point – comes through early in your content. Take advantage of subject lines, preheaders, and other mailing techniques to ensure that your message is loud and clear!

What information do my readers value?

Some readers value quick, efficient graphics. Others prefer to dive deeply into stories that provide more granular details and anecdotal evidence. Within one organization, you may have one group of readers who value professional and community ethics while another may be more interested in networking or marketing. In short, make sure that your content is value-appropriate!

What emotional responses do my readers expect?

Many people have strong feelings about what they want to see in their inbox. For some, it’s “just the facts” and other, more serious communications. Others want something a little more fun, lively, friendly, or heartwarming. Always make sure that you know your audience well enough to write to their attitudes and desires.

Your readers are, at a high-level, responsible for understanding your content. Likewise, you are responsible for understanding them! By asking the three questions above, you’ll be on the right path.

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Nicholas Graziade

As the Documentation Architect at Informz, Nick is a technical writer, copyeditor, and grammar guru all rolled into one! When not keeping tabs on the Informz KnowledgeBase, he enjoys writing poetry, mastering the bass guitar, and reading works by famous philosophers.