Quality Over Quantity: The Art of Email Length

Tracy Solarek

In the world of email marketing, we receive all kinds of questions from how to increase open rates to rendering issues, and much more. Believe it or not, the length of your email may impact how your mailing is viewed in email service providers (ESPs). There’s a known issue in Outlook when mailings are too long.

The CliffNotes® version of this blog post is keep your email concise with a strong call to action. You have a very limited window for subscribers to scan your email. Consider all the email you are expected to read in your inbox. Your average user is going to scan your email to see what’s compelling. Ideally, you hope the recipient will read your email immediately and not save it for a later. When emails are saved for a later date, they’re likely never going to be read entirely.

So what’s the first step in keeping your emails short and sweet? When approaching your email, ask yourself the questions below. Your response will assist in crafting your email and in determining the length.

1. Who is the target audience?
2. What is the message you hope to convey?
3. What type of email are you composing?
4. Is your mailing part of an email campaign?

Here are some tips to keep your email short and to the point.

1. Design your email so users can easily scan your email by using engaging text and images.

2. Include teasers with links to full content to make the scanning easier.

3. Create a clear call to action. It is recommended to use the same call to action link in multiple places in the email in both text and images.

4. Ensure that if the user only glances your email in the preview pane, your message would be conveyed.

5. Contemplate the use of a Table of Contents. This feature may be a good option for you to link people directly to stories either on your website or to read more pages.

6. Test your email.

7. Measure and compare results. Check out which links were clicked. Use the data for your next campaign and share the data with those that encourage long emails.

8. Consider surveying your users to compile information on their desired content and the ideal length of future mailings.

At the end of the day, it’s all about what works for your readers and what achieves your desired results. Every email is different. Leverage your mailing reports, and remember it is quality over quantity. When in doubt, ask your Informz emarketing advisor for their input and further best practices.

About the Author
Tracy Solarek

As an Executive eMarketing Advisor at Informz, Tracy serves as an extension of her clients’ marketing teams. She is a reliable resource who provides clients with digital marketing best practices, brainstorming sessions and technical support to maximize results. Tracy enjoys classical singing, kayaking, skiing and spending time with family, friends and her two standard poodles, Elwood and Jira.