Improving Election Engagement and Voter Registration

Alex Mastrianni

This week we released a new case study about how the Saskatchewan College of Paramedics (SCoP) improved their voting process and member response rates by utilizing the online voting module integrated with their Informz email marketing account to implement a new voting process for member elections. By implementing this new online voting campaign, they saw an increase in member voting response of 56% and saved $2,480 and 35 hours of staff time!

The new online process made it easy to create series of email messages to welcome members to the new process. It also enabled SCoP to be able to send reminder emails to their members five days before the voting ended. The reminder email could utilize real-time reporting to target those who still had to complete the voting process.

The new online voting process proved to be very successful for SCoP. It resulted in an eight percent higher open rate and a 24 percent higher click-thru rate than their other emails. Voting participation also increased by a whopping 56 percent!

Read the full case study!

About the Author
Alex Mastrianni

As the Marketing Manager at Informz, Alex drives the development and implementation of our content marketing plan and marketing campaigns. Outside of work, Alex is a pop culture junkie, ice cream fanatic, and semi-pro vacation planner.