How to Manage Email Frequency

Alex Mastrianni

One of the most frequently asked questions of our Digital Marketing Strategists seems like it might be a simple one: am I sending too much email? The answer isn’t always a straight “yes” or “no,” — there are often several factors influencing frequency. But managing frequency is easier than ever with our strategists’ four-step frequency management plan, available now in our just-released guide, How to Manage Email Frequency.

The guide, which includes 2015 frequency benchmark data from our association clients, reports that nearly 72% of subscribers are sent 1-5 emails each month. Less than 30% of associations send more than five emails a month.

More frequency data, including open and click rates for each segment, is available in the guide in addition to:

  • A plan to identify data that indicates how your current sending practices are effecting engagement rates.
  • Tips for prioritizing messaging and acting as a gatekeeper for outgoing emails.
  • Automation’s role in determining the best sending cadence for your subscribers.

Download your copy of our free guide today!

how to manage frequency

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