Don’t Fall Behind: Why Design is So Important to Email Marketing

Chris Clemente

Do you struggle to create an appealing way of communicating your mailings to your clients? Is being a “visual person” hampering you from creating an effective template design? Or are you just clueless as to where to start in the design process? Look no further, the Informz Design Team is here to help!

With the rise of click-thru rates emerging among desktop and mobile devices, the need to capture the attention of your reader through email design is more important and competitive than ever, not to mention that your email should be considered a part of your company or organization’s brand awareness. Would you settle for a less-than-perfect design on your logo or advertisement to identify who you are? Your email design shouldn’t either!

If you are already overwhelmed, don’t fret. We’re starting a new series on the Informz blog, and every month a design expert at Informz will cover a new topic to help you along the way. From mockups to HTML best practices to trendy topics in the emarketing world, we’ll guide you through the steps in making your email design stand out and gain that readership you’ve been craving. Some topics will include:

  • Deconstruction of various sections in a template.
  • Layouts and the types of mailings they are best used for.
  • HTML coding and best practices to make your mailing render correctly in major email clients.
  • Trends in design and email marketing.
  • Guidance in using the Informz template and mailing editor.

So don’t fall behind with your email design! As the leaves are changing color, so should your idea of designing for email marketing. Embrace change and let’s get started!

Next month we’ll start by talking about theme. With Halloween fast approaching and the holiday season soon after, perhaps now is a great time to start using the holidays as a reason to create a holiday-themed email campaign. Themes are a great way to narrow the focus of your design, apply detail to a particular culture and develop a creative environment for your audience to be a part of. Think of a theme that will best suit your audience and we’ll apply them effectively to the content and look of your mailing.

See you next month!

About the Author
Chris Clemente

With extensive background in web development and graphic design, Chris is Lead Digital Designer at Informz. In his free time, Chris is a movie buff and writes reviews for international blogs and traveling festival circuits. He even once interviewed director Martin Scorsese!