Benchmark Data: Results by Number of Recipients

Alex Mastrianni

This month’s data spotlight looks at the affect of list size on open and click rates.

Results by Number of Recipients

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At first glance, it’s quite clear that the smaller a mailing list is, the higher the open and click rates are. Emails sent to the smallest group examined — less than 50 subscribers — had the highest open rates at 58.89% and click rates at 26.10%.

Emails sent to smaller groups have higher engagement rates because they tend to be more targeted and relevant. If you are in the habit of sending one message to a large group, whether it be your entire membership, all donors, or everyone on your list, the chances of that content resonating with every single person on your large list is pretty small. This “batch and blast” approach is one we’ve tried to steer email marketers away from over the past few years. It’s just not effective.

If your recipient list is too large to break down into target groups of less than 50 people, that’s okay. You can still achieve relevancy in the inbox! Try using dynamic segmentation, a tool that’s done wonders for the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association’s email creation process, to target different sections of your messages to different segments of your audience. Personalizing emails, send time optimization, and targeted subject lines can also help create relevant email messages.

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