Are you really integrated?

Alex Mastrianni

Last week I presented on how to integrate your marketing channels including email, social media and text messaging. Many people will say they are integrated, but when you look into it, all you see in their e-newsletter is a logo to their Facebook page. That is not integration; that is cross-promotion.

Maybe integrated is an overused word — maybe “marketing fusion” would stand out more. In the end, it is just a word and the action needs to be the same. There are so many marketing channels that are working independently and as a result, causing the information overload we all are experiencing along with our subscribers. What to do?

Evaluate each channel and figure out the strengths and weaknesses of each. In addition, figure out ways that each one can complement the others. Don’t just place a link or icon to one of the pages. How can you gather information from your social media sites and make it valuable in your e-newsletter? And vice versa, what ways can you draw your subscribers from your email message to Twitter or to sign up to receive text messages, without duplicating information?

It is time to start asking yourself these questions and finding ways to truly integrate your marketing channels. Once integrated, or fused, you will start seeing areas in need of improvement and be able to adjust your marketing tactics to reach success.

Jeanette Brown is the Marketing Strategy Manager at Informz.


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