Visit Loudoun Increased Clicks by 514%

Alex Mastrianni

After restarting their email program following a five-year hiatus, Visit Loudoun discovered that they were having engagement challenges with their enewsletters. Mailing Activity Reports in Informz for their meetings newsletter showed click rates hovering in the 4–7% range—much lower than industry benchmarks and much lower than they’d like to see.

Unsure of where to begin, they consulted their eMarketing Advisor for advice. She told them about content manager, a tool in Informz that allowed them to easily create landing pages to host all of the great information they wanted to share, just not within an email.

For each story in their newsletter, they would create a summarized piece that would go directly into the email, and then include a “Read More” link that directed readers to the full story, which was on a landing page. This shortened their newsletters, and they were actually able to provide more information to readers because they had ample space on the landing page.

This change lead to a 87% increase in clicks! Readers could easily navigate through the new newsletter layout and were persuaded to click through to read more because of the engaging copy that was within the email. Visit Loudoun was so pleased with the results that they decided to implement this new tactic with other newsletters, and their sports newsletter saw even better results—a 514% increase in clicks! They’re now planning on applying this format to other newsletters and look forward to engaging readers and spreading the word about Loudoun.

How Visit Loudoun reformatted their newsletter and found success

Mailing Activity Report

Visit Loudoun determined that they had a problem when using the Mailing Activity Report in Informz, a comprehensive reporting tool that shows you everything you could possibly analyze from an email campaign. From the basics, like number of opens, clicks, shares, and forwards, to more advanced analytics, like mobile client type and a map overlay of opens, you’ll uncover how subscribers are engaging with your email and what you can change to be more successful in the future, just like Visit Loudoun did.

“The best thing about the new format in Informz is that we now know what people are most interested in and what type of information gets them to click. Not only are our click rates higher, but we have insight into our subscribers that will help drive future campaigns,” said Naomi Kurzyna, Sales Project Specialist at Visit Loudoun.

Content Manager

Emails need to be short and sweet or they just won’t get read. Visit Loudoun used the content manager tool in Informz to create landing pages to house their full articles so that readers weren’t overwhelmed by the content in their email. They had a lot to say – much more than is recommended for an email – but it works well on a landing page. Content manager allows a user to easily create landing pages to link to from their emails, keeping their messages short and encouraging action within the email by the subscriber.

eMarketing Advisor

Sometimes, when you’re up to your elbows in projects and are working on a tight deadline, you just need someone to give you a little email marketing advice. That’s where your eMarketing Advisor comes in. Visit Loudoun consulted their eMarketing Advisor for guidance on where to start to increase their clicks and she came to the rescue. They’ll be there with you every step along the way and are just a phone call or email away!

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