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Informz Roadshow Kicks Off in Washington, DC & Northern Virginia

Alex Mastrianni

With the recent release of the Informz Template Designer 2 and Mailing Designer 2 (TDMD2), we wanted to give this major effort the focus it deserves.

We dispatched our product team to Washington, DC and Northern Virginia last week for the first stop on the “TDMD2 Roadshow.” The team will be touring throughout North America well into 2018, to bring all of the new “no HTML” Informz goodness to our users directly.

Last week’s team consisted of Peter Nelson, VP of Product, Jillian Casler, Applications Product Manager, Alex Gorton, UI/UX Designer, and Shea Nunn, Trainer.

“What was so great about this team,” said Peter, “was that we’ve all worked directly with clients in various ways so we have a good grasp of our users’ needs. We’ve also all worked in a product capacity too. This allows us to be better translators with our development team to further enhance Informz.”

“Having focused and concentrated learning time was great for all our users that joined us,” said Jillian. “We know that it’s tough to allocate time while you’re in the office to learn something new – even when it’s something as awesome as TDMD2. I also loved meeting some of my clients when I was their Advisor.

Shea has been busy leading a number of different training webinars over the past few weeks. While online training has many benefits for everyone, Shea enjoyed the “face to face” interactions with clients.

“It was great to see everyone’s face light up when I showed them a cool new feature. Working with our clients directly also gave me some ideas for new training offerings we can provide.”

Prior to his current role, Alex was one of our custom HTML template designers. Alex lead parts of the training and worked with clients to ensure that design decisions were playing out as intended.

“It was great to see that everyone got what we were talking about and that what we developed made sense. We had no argument that trying to get HTML to behave was everyone’s number one problem. And then to see everyone’s reaction to how easy we’ve made accurate and predictable rendering was just great.”

“In order to move our platform as far forward as we wanted to, we made the hard decision to create a new technology stack for our ‘no HTML’ technologies. This meant that current HTML templates need to be recreated using Template Designer 2. I was curious to see how that would resonate with our users – face to face,” said Peter.

“I was very happy to see that our users appreciated that the investment of time to recreate the templates will be more than offset with increased productivity, great rendering, and just an overall better experience. In fact, we had one user that attended a session in DC and then connected back with us on Friday. He recreated¬† four of his templates in just over two hours after attending the first session. And they looked great!”

So what’s the next stop? ¬†New York City and Chicago Roadshows are this August, followed by more locations around the country starting in September. Follow along with the team’s adventures on Twitter with the #Informznohtml hashtag!

If you’re an Informz client and want to attend an upcoming stop, contact your Advisor today!

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Alex Mastrianni

As the Marketing Manager at Informz, Alex drives the development and implementation of our content marketing plan and marketing campaigns. Outside of work, Alex is a pop culture junkie, ice cream fanatic, and semi-pro vacation planner.