Trending Now: Winning Subject Lines [ebook]

Kate Jones

What do email marketers want above all else? Conversions! And that begins with getting your emails opened.

Let’s face it, you spend a lot of time creating attractive, engaging email content. BUT if your subject line does not speak to your audience, the email may never get opened and engaged with.

There is A LOT of pressure to create a great subject line that sparks action. There is also a lot of competition to make your email stand out among an inbox full of unread messages.

Ask yourself these questions:

What is your average open rate?

How does it compare to the email benchmark?

What’s your plan for improving open rates?

While we can’t help you answer the first question – you’ll have to check your reports to find out your open rates – we CAN help you with the rest. Our guide, Trending Now: Winning Subject Lines, provides clear steps for improving open rates.

A great way to understand what subject lines work best for your audience is to conduct A/B testing. We have gathered over 7,200 subject line tests from 2016 as well as an additional 20,000 subject lines from top performing emails that were not part of a subject line test.

This data helped us see what worked and what didn’t when it came to subject lines. If you want fresh ideas based on lots of data then this guide is right for you!

We secretly (or not so secretly) love reviewing all of these subject line tests because there are ALWAYS surprises!

You never know what subject lines will result in high (or low) open rates. It’s always fun when you’re shocked at how wonderfully well a subject line performs. I’m talking a 65% open rate with the use of special characters and emoji’s (psst, page 7 of the guide).

This exclusive Informz resource will cover:

  • Top subject line trends.
  • A/B subject line testing tips.
  • How to use emojis and special characters.
  • The impact of tone on subject line performance.

You’re going to want to dig into the Winning Subject Lines guide to figure out new ways to test and see what works for your audience. 

Check out the guide, try out the tips, and let us know what works for you! We can’t wait to hear (we’ll be sitting on the edge of our seats) so don’t forget to let us know in the comments.

About the Author
Kate Jones

As Digital Marketing Specialist at Informz, Kate manages the company website, social media strategy, press releases and marketing collateral. Outside of work you can find Kate chasing her toddler and dog and laughing at the chaos with her husband.