Ecosystem of a Vibrant, Engaged Online Community

Vivian Swertinski

It’s been said that success is greatly influenced by the people that you are connected with. Years ago professional networks were limited by one’s physical surrounding but today there are no limits. The trend in online communities has redefined how professionals connect, collaborate, and expand their circle of influence. The value of any community is determined by its members. The eco-system of a vibrant and engaged online community contains professionals that fall into 3 distinct categories.

  • Those that are ahead of you
  • Those that are alongside of you
  • Those that are following you

Lean into the wisdom from those that are ahead of you.

It’s invaluable to leverage the wisdom, practical know-how, and insight from colleagues that have traveled the path that you’re currently on. I encourage you to seek input from subject matter experts in your network. Hear about their challenges and approach to resolution. Learn how they managed risk and learn what they’d do differently if they could do it all over again. There is an abundance of knowledge available to you for the asking. Too often we don’t think to ask.

Collaborate with those that are alongside of you.

There is immeasurable value in sharing ideas, voicing concerns, and vetting solutions with those that are walking alongside of you. You need feedback and perspective from a peer that is navigating the same challenges you face. Comradery is the foundation for synergy, and synergy creates breakthroughs that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

Invest in those that are following you.

Lastly, you need to be cognizant of those that are following in your footsteps. Give words of encouragement, share lessons learned and be a resource for those starting out on the road you’ve traveled. Invest in others by making yourself available as a virtual mentor.

Who are you learning from?

Who has your back?

Who are you investing in?

An engaged online community can be your richest resource for inspiration and professional growth. All you need to do is participate!

Check out our guide, Online Community Engagement With Marketing Automation, to encouraging members to participate and collaborate in your online community.

About the Author
Vivian Swertinski

As the Strategic Services Manager at Informz, Vivian partners with clients to maximize their digital marketing efforts with customized strategies leveraging the Informz marketing automation platform. Outside of work Vivian enjoys shopping, boating and volunteering her time to help disabled individuals in the community.