Digital Marketing Design Lookbook 2016

Kate Jones

Let’s be honest: looks matter. They certainly aren’t everything but they sure do encourage people to look further.

There’s a reason wines with cool labels sell more or books with intriguing covers get picked up. The same applies to your email design. A well-designed email stands out and encourages your audience to take action. Your members decide quickly whether to skip, skim or read your email. Taking the time to develop a great email design is crucial.

Ask yourself these questions:

Are your members actively engaging with your emails?

Are your calls to action clear, concise, and easy to interact with?

Is your email design consistent with your brand image?

We’ve compiled a few of our favorite emails as inspiration for how to maximize the effectiveness of your email design and increase audience engagement. In the Digital Marketing design Lookbook we examine what takes an email design from good to great. You will find real life examples of great email designs that result in high open and click rates. From consistent branding to impactful calls to action, see how organizations are using great design to help get their message across. Associations can often find newsletter design to be a challenge; with so much content to share it can get a bit cluttered. Finding the right design is essential to get your message across without overwhelming your members.

Looking for tips on creating standout event emails, promotions and holiday templates? We’ve got you covered. In the design lookbook you will find examples of digital marketing that displays content in a fun, fresh and clever way. Let this lookbook inspire your digital marketing designs!

This exclusive Informz resource will show you how to:

  • Effectively organize content to improve the reader experience.
  • Achieve brand consistency across different channels.
  • Improve the performance of your call to action.

Download your free copy of the design lookbook here!

Digital Marketing Design Lookbook

About the Author
Kate Jones

As Digital Marketing Specialist at Informz, Kate manages the company website, social media strategy, press releases and marketing collateral. Outside of work you can find Kate chasing her toddler and dog and laughing at the chaos with her husband.