Template & Mailing Designer 2.0: A Primer

Alex Gorton

Let’s face it, new things can be scary. Removing HTML from the equation is not one of those things.

With our new template and mailing designers, you are empowered to no longer worry about rendering, instead emphasizing the aesthetics of your mailings.

This new tool provides you all the elements you need to quickly and efficiently construct beautiful templates that can then be used in an extremely productive mailing process.


Every template you create can have a theme associated with it. This allows you to convey the defaults styles you want applied to the template as well as the mailing.

These style settings can be locked down or left open for maximum control. From background colors and text styles, to story and column widths, never worry about aesthetic conflicts again!


These are the building blocks of your template. You can think of them as your template’s skeleton or if you are more familiar with the HTML side of things, your tables.

Sections are extremely important as they are going to be what you use to control your templates padding beyond the theme defaults, as well as being able to manipulate background colors and columns.

Template Elements

Your elements are going to provide you all the necessary tools to craft amazing emails. You will find everything from text, images, and quicklinks to icon sets and buttons.

Each element can easily be implemented to your template in order to provide you the fast production capability that you desire.

Mailing Content

The mailing content area is your template’s placeholder for where you will want any editable parts on the mailing side of your email creation process.

In this area, you have the ability to lock down specific layout types that should be available to use when creating the mailing in conjunction with limiting the maximum number of stories.

As an example, if you have a mailing content area that you want reserved specifically for a single featured story with only a headline and some text, you can quickly lock that down. When you craft the mailing, you only have the single story placeholder to drop in and edit the content, allowing you to be much more efficient in your mailing creation.

See it in Action

All in all, do not shy away from the new designers; embrace them! The simplicity of the interface will give you the versatility to be creative and the efficiency to be as productive as you would like.

Let us know if you’re interested in seeing the tool in action. You’ll be amazed at what you can do in such a short period of time.

About the Author
Alex Gorton

As a Digital Marketing Designer, Alex is tasked with the creation of client templates, educating clients on design best-practices and assisting with internal marketing needs. Out of the office, Alex is an self-proclaimed adventurer, snowboarder and tinkers on his custom-built computer.