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7 Things to Know About the Optimal Text to Image Ratio to Boost Deliverability

Nabeel John

As an email marketer, you have a lot to consider: content, design, color scheme, call-to-actions, email performance… the list goes on.

Ultimately you want to achieve a conversion, but your beautifully designed email needs to first land in the inbox. Did you know that email design plays a large role in whether or not your email hits inboxes?

Most spam filters and email clients do not like image-heavy emails with little to no text in them. This can raise red flags. It is important to keep a proper balance of text and images in your email to make sure your email ends up in the inbox and not in the spam or junk folder.

Things to Avoid

“Image Only” Emails

Most spammers send image-only emails in order to hide secret links or content in the mail. Image-heavy emails are more likely to be caught by spam filters and end up in the spam or junk folder.

Images with Large File Sizes

When there are lots of images in your email, they may end up taking a lot more time to load (depending upon the internet speed of your subscriber) or not load at all. Always save your images for web quality (72 dpi, JPEG) in order to use them in your emails.

The Only CTA is an Image

If your most important message — the call to action — is conveyed via images, subscribers might not even see it. If a subscriber has images turned off, if the email client blocks images, or if there’s a poor internet connection, images might not even be shown. A combination of text and background colors is an alternative way to convey important messages in an eye-catching way.

To Help with Deliverability

Keep the following best practices in mind when designing your email campaigns and increase the chances of your email getting delivered into your subscriber’s inbox:

  • 80% of your email should be text.
  • 20% can be composed of images, with ALT text applied to all of them.
  • For images that contribute to the look and feel of the overall email, apply a fallback background.
  • Test your email in various email clients before sending it out.

For more information on getting your emails delivered, check out our ebook, Deliverability’s Impact on Your Email Marketing ROI.

About the Author
Nabeel John

Nabeel John is a Digital Marketing Designer at Informz. Outside of work, Nabeel enjoys photography, graphic design and web development.