3 Interactive Email Design Elements to Try

Nabeel John

Adding an interactive email design element to an email campaign is a great way to boost engagement rates, especially with more email clients now supporting interactivity. There are a few exceptions, but if you have proper backups in place, you should be in a good shape.

With the latest updates in CSS, we now have the ability and opportunity to include interactive items like accordions, carousels, animated GIFs, sliders, menus, counters and more.

Here are three of the most common interactive elements you could implement to add energy to a boring email campaign.

Animated GIFs

Adding animated GIFs to your email campaigns is an interesting way to engage your audience. GIFs are fairly easy to create; they are smaller than video and they are supported across all email clients except for Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016, which will only render first frame of the animation. So you have to make sure that the first frame has the right content.

This post by Alex Gorton details the dos and dont’s for animated GIFs.


Carousels allow you to cycle through your content or images in the same prime area of your email newsletter. We recommend including no more than five frames within your carousel. Subscribers will rarely engage with more than that.

Include sharp images and clear text that are inline with the email’s message. It is also a good idea to let the user know what frame they are on and how many there are in total.

Most mobile email clients and some web-based email clients support carousels.

Collapsible Menus

Also known as hamburgers menus, collapsible menus are best used when you have menu items that you wish to hide behind a single button. This allows a reader to selectively display navigation items.

Collapsible menus are compatible with most mobile email clients; desktop email clients show full fallback contents.

Interactive elements allow marketers to prepare and design more eye-catching and user-friendly email designs to create better experience for users and produce great results.

What interactive email design elements have you incorporated in your campaigns? What were the results?

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