Top 7 Deliverability Tips [Infographic]

Kate Jones

Step one in getting your audience to read and engage with your email – getting it delivered! From avoiding the spam filter to building your sender reputation, we have gathered our top deliverability tips and put them into an infographic. Here are our top 7 deliverability tips to get your emails to the inbox:

Top 7 Deliverability Tips

1. Avoid the dreaded spam filter

The most important goal in deliverability is getting your message delivered to your audience. One surefire way to not get your message across – getting stuck in the spam filter. Learn more about how spam filters work as well as common spam triggers and how to avoid them here.

2. Give your subscribers plenty of options

The all or nothing approach can be tough. With a classic unsubscribe link you have the option to stay subscribed or unsubscribe from the list. Providing categories within an unsubscribe link so that your audience can opt-in and opt-out of different types of messages is mutually beneficial. The subscriber gets to decide their email frequency or the types of emails they prefer to receive. In turn, you get a happy subscriber who is more likely to engage with your message.

3. Make it as easy as possible

If for some reason your subscriber has fallen out of love with you, allow them to make a clean break. Let them remember you fondly and allow them to easily cut ties by having an obvious and easy to use unsubscribe option. Making things difficult can result in your message being reported as spam which hurts your reputation. Learn more about CAN SPAM and unsubscribes here.

4. Keep role addresses off your list

Sending to role addresses increases your chances of getting spam complaints, having your messages blocked, and even having your domain and sending IP address blacklisted. A good sender reputation is essential to getting your email delivered. Here are a few ways to boost your reputation.

5. Sharing is caring

Getting your message passed along to others is great, right? Well, it depends how the information is shared. The “Send a friend” tool is helpful for sharing messages but there are important factors to consider including legislation. Reduce your risk of failed delivery and improve your results by encouraging social shares.

6. Review your sender authentication

As of February 2016, Gmail released two new security-related enhancements to their interface. If you have constituents that use Gmail as their email provider, you will want to take a moment to review your sender authentication. Learn more about the enhancements and how to check your authentication here.

7. Make sure they’re into you

Have your subscribers told you lately that they like you? Make sure you’re sending only to recipients who explicitly subscribed to your emails. Here is your sender best practices checklist.

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