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Greg Robinson

With the halfway point for the year right around the corner (wow — where did the last five months go!?), now is a great time to take a look at your goals for 2011 and your progress towards achieving them. Have you conquered integrating your email marketing and social media efforts? What about deliverability — have you improved your sender reputation? We’ve pulled together some of our best resources released so far this year to help get you on track to reaching your goals.

Achieve Winning Deliverability

Missed one of the highest-attended webinars in Informz history? Click here to watch the recording of Signed! Sealed! Blocked?! Tips for Improving Deliverability and here to view the slides. There’s also a whitepaper jam-packed with tips and tricks for improving your sender score!

Integrating your Social Media and Email Marketing Strategies

When used correctly, these two are the perfect combination. Watch our webinar, Social Media: A Marketing Playground Outcast, or check out the slides here.

Taking Membership Recruitment & Retention to the Next Level

Watch our webinar, Ask Not What Your Members Can Do for You, But What You Can Do For Your Members, and learn how you can design an effective welcome campaign and demonstrate the value of membership through triggered emails. You can also view the slides here.

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About the Author
Greg Robinson

As the Deliverability Manager at Informz, Greg Robinson oversees all client deliverability inquiries, maintains relationships with ISPs and anti-spam entities, and enforces anti-spam policy. Greg educates clients on best practices and strategy, working to correct existing and avoid future delivery issues to maximize deliverability rates.