From blacklisted and blocked to a 97% delivery rate

Alex Mastrianni

Informz Success Story:

The Florida Bankers Association overcame blacklisting and blocking issues to achieve a 97% email delivery rate by using Informz.

Like many organizations, the Florida Bankers Association (FBA) utilized email as a tool to quickly and cost-effectively communicate to its members. With 300 member banks in Florida, FBA had over 5,000 email addresses in their database, and would typically send emails to targeted lists of 200-500 addresses at a time and occasionally to upwards of 1,200 emails.

Also like many organizations, when FBA first ventured into email marketing they used their own email accounts to send these mass mailings. The emails were text-based and often had hundreds of addresses copied into the “to” or “bcc” field. These email campaigns took quite a toll on their in-house technical resources, as their mailing servers were not designed to handle the quantity of emails being sent at one time. Soon the FBA became plagued with technical issues like crashing servers, blacklisting and even individual emails being blocked or bounced. The organization began receiving complaints from members that they were not receiving communication pieces or even individual emails sent from person to person.

That is when the FBA decided to invest in the services of an email service provider to alleviate their problems.

The Solution

When searching for a solution, the FBA knew that they needed a tool that could lift the burden on their IT resources and get their messages delivered, while also being easy to use. This was critical, because they knew if it wasn’t easy, it would be near impossible to gain adoption from the staff across the organization. For FBA, these factors, in addition to several other benefits like a direct integration with their database, a focus on customer service, and a strong record in deliverability, made Informz a natural choice for them.

The Results

When FBA sent their first email from Informz, they achieved an 80.7% email delivery rate and used Informz reports to identify over 200 bad email addresses. Their delivery rate improved with every email sent, and by the end of the first month had achieved 92.8% deliverability. Now, nearly two years later, they have increased their delivery rate to 97% while also completely eliminating the impact on their internal technical resources.

FBA has also experienced a myriad of other benefits since making the switch. Prior to Informz they had been limited to sending only text-based messages, and are now able to send professional looking, branded email campaigns. Informz has also proved to be a user-friendly system, even for those not as technically savvy. This has allowed the staff to easily create and deploy email campaigns themselves and has led to the adoption of Informz across the organization. Bruce Ryan, Data and Web Manager at Florida Bankers Association notes, “having a great email system is one thing, but if it wasn’t easy-to-use and intuitive, the staff would not use it. They wouldn’t trust it and we would still be sending text-based messages from Outlook. Being easy-to-use is essential to success.”

Another value-add for the FBA is the reporting capabilities. The reporting tools have allowed them to track results like delivery, opens, clicks, bounces, and unsubscribes on a real-time basis and write this information back to their database. They are able to completely automate this write-back process, enabling them to not only increase their delivery rates and ensure their data integrity, but operate more efficiently as well.

Ryan adds, “The integration between Informz and our database is key. It offers us live, dynamic target groups, while at the same time is only one tool to manage and one set of data that I need to worry about.”

In the end, Florida Bankers Association was able to achieve great results by switching to an email service provider. Not only did they increase their delivery rates and improve data integrity, but the biggest benefit was the improved communication with their members. Now they know that their members are getting the information they want and need, and more importantly, adding value to their membership with FBA.

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