Deliverability 101: Start Here

Alex Mastrianni

Are you an email marketing newbie? Do you find the word deliverability to be quite the head scratcher? No fear, email marketer, we’re here! We’ve compiled our top 8 tips for email marketers who are just getting started.


1. Remove or correct hard bounces.

2. Look at unsubscribe reasons. You can learn a lot about what you can improve in your email program by reading why people have left your list.

3. Prevent people from reporting you as spam by utilizing a prominent unsubscribe link. You’re better off hearing about disinterest through an unsubscribe than a “report as spam” complaint.

4. Avoid capital letters in subject lines. Words like FREE and written in all caps are triggers for spam filters.

5. Naked URLs are seen as a phishing attempt, so always hyperlink words or phrases rather than spelling out entire URLs.

6. Unsubscribe repeated bouncers.

7. Spam filters can’t read images and therefore view multiple images as a pattern of behavior used by spammers to get inappropriate content through to the inbox. Many spam filters will block on this feature alone. In addition, if your subscribers do not have their inbox preference set to allow images, any images that you’ve included will show up as blank, leaving big holes in your recipients’ email. So, make sure the number of images within an email is in proportion to the text in the email.

8. Keep your eye on trends. If you notice a large number of emails from a particular domain with no opens or clicks, it’s possible these are getting caught in the junk folder or by a spam filter, so do some investigating when you see this pattern.

Looking for more resources? Download the Informz Deliverability Whitepaper for more deliverability basics.

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Alex Mastrianni

As the Marketing Manager at Informz, Alex drives the development and implementation of our content marketing plan and marketing campaigns. Outside of work, Alex is a pop culture junkie, ice cream fanatic, and semi-pro vacation planner.