5 Quick [Deliverability] Tips Before Hitting The Send Button

Amanda DeLuke

Isn’t it the worst when you go to the grocery store and you get to your car (or worse, get home) and realize you forgot something (and it was on your list too!)? Well, if you’re like me when you shop, you probably ask yourself, “Did I remember everything I need?” Then, you may take a second to stop (stare blankly into space) to make sure you got everything before proceeding to the check-out line.

With that said, there is a lot to think about when creating a campaign and it can be easy to forget some simple things you can do to help your deliverability. So, before you commit to hitting the send button, you may want to consider a few additional things to add to your “mental shopping cart” before you’re done.

Here are 5 deliverability tips to think about before hitting the send button:

1. Cover Exposed URLs

Scan your content for any URLs that have not been covered by text, images, and/or buttons. Exposed URLs can land your emails in the junk folder since spam filters can misconstrue this as a phishing attempt.

2. Add a Pre-header

You may want to consider adding something like, “Please add us to your Safe Sender list to ensure delivery to the inbox.” If users view your emails as trustworthy, then receivers are more likely to allow mail through without being caught in spam or junk folders.

3. Run a Virtual Inbox Test

Check to see if the mailing failed any spam filter tests. If so, you can view the reasons why it failed and may be able to resolve them before sending.

4. Avoid Sending on the Hour

The majority of senders around the world are sending on the hour (Ex: 7:00, 8:00, etc). Schedule your mailing to be sent at 7:10 or 8:45 for better overall deliverability.

5. Send Distributed

Ask yourself, “Is this mailing urgent and should it be received by a certain time?” If you answered “no,” then why not send it distributed?

Sending a mailing over a longer period of time will make receivers happy by preventing their mail servers from being bombarded by too much mail. This will allow more mail to get through thus improving your deliverability.

You can also distribute mail using the STO (Send Time Optimization) option as well. This will send the mailing at the time the recipient is most likely to open.

Remember to pause (maybe stare blankly into space?) for a second before you commit to hitting the send button. You may have forgotten a few simple steps that could greatly benefit your deliverability.

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About the Author
Amanda DeLuke

As a Deliverability Specialist, Amanda helps with client sender reputation, abuse management, and internal deliverability process. When she is not busy at work, she enjoys playing the alto sax, mountain biking, and chasing after her identical twin boys.