Informz Client Wins Multiple Awards for their Email Newsletters

Chris Scavo

When I first joined Informz, one of my primary responsibilities was coding emails for clients as part of the Campaign Management team. I really enjoyed this as it was a great way to get to know many of our clients and really see how they approached email marketing. One client in particular that I remember working with is Warren County Convention & Visitors Bureau. I always thought they did a great job of understanding their target audience and making their newsletters stand out. That is why I was so excited to hear that they were recently recognized by both the Ohio Travel Association and Ohio Association of Convention & Visitor Bureaus for their enewsletters and various marketing efforts.

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I sat down with Dan Keltner, the Digital Marketing Manager for the Warren County Convention & Visitors Bureau to discuss the success of his emails, their (award-winning) approach to email marketing, and plans for the coming year.

Warren County CVB

Chris Scavo, Informz: Congratulations on the recent recognition that Warren County CVB received for their marketing efforts! Could you tell us more about the awards you received?

Dan Keltner, Warren County CVB: The Warren County CVB was awarded several accolades for our marketing efforts in 2015, among them being a first place RUBY Award in the enewsletter category. The RUBY Awards are given out each year by the Ohio Travel Association and the competition is open to member CVBs and attractions throughout the state. We also received a second place Middy Award in the newsletter category. The Middy’s are given out each year by the Ohio Association of Convention & Visitor Bureaus.

CS: That’s fantastic! Did you need to submit examples or were you nominated in some fashion?

DK: For both competitions, we had to submit a sample of our enewsletters from the appropriate time period.  Our submissions were then judged by panels of marketing experts on content, design, and engagement/results. We also received recognition for our radio advertisements, social media campaigns, blog, television spots, print ads, and our annual report.

CS: What approach do you take when determining content to include in your newsletters to keep the message fresh and interesting?

DK: Our ultimate goal as a CVB is to drive overnight travel to Warren County. That being the case, we’re always very careful to keep our target demographics in mind and to feature relevant content in a timely manner, as to give email recipients ample time to plan an overnight trip to our county.

CS: Your enewsletter template is very colorful and eye-catching, which can be considered a bit non-traditional. How did that come about? Was it difficult to sell that internally?

DK: We have always used very colorful branding in order to complement our slogan, “Ohio’s Largest Playground.” All of our marketing materials, including our website, visitors guide, enewsletter, social media, print ads and video ads are consistently vibrant and fun to best reflect our brand.

CS:  What do you think of the template designer in Informz? Was it easy to achieve the look you were going for?

DK: We had a pretty good idea of what we wanted, and after communicating with your team, the designers at Informz came back with almost exactly what we were looking for. After a few tweaks, we were ready to start sending out great tourism content to our subscribers!

CS: You utilize Informz Campaign Management services. How does this help you achieve your marketing goals?

DK: Mostly, it’s a huge time saver. We provide fresh content, images and a general outline of each month’s enewsletter, which your team uses to build a draft. We then present that draft to our marketing director for final approval. Our advisor also keeps us up-to-date on new services and areas of improvement which helps us utilize the latest strategies and trends.

CS: Do you utilize any testing methodologies? If so, how do the results affect your approach for future mailings?

DK: We are currently using A/B testing for our subject lines, the results of which we take into consideration for future enewsletters. We pay special attention to subject line length and use of certain “buzzwords.” We also utilize Send Time Optimization, which has helped our distribution and opening statistics.

CS: With the success you saw this year, what does the future hold for your marketing efforts?

DK: We don’t have any huge changes on the horizon, but each year we re-evaluate our geo- and behavioral targets and analyze both impact and ROI of our marketing efforts to determine future plans.

CS: It sounds like you have a great approach. Thanks for your time Dan and congratulations again!

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