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Introduction to Email HTML: A Crash Course

Having a foundation in understanding email HTML is essential to being a successful email designer.  Here’s a crash course in the very basics to get you started in taking control of your emails’ designs. HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language.  The key word in there is “Markup.” What we do when we are writing HTML […]

Webinar: Hidden Gems in Informz

Do you know what percentage of your subscribers are completely uninterested in opening your emails? I can show you where to find that number (and tell you what to do with those subscribers). On the flip side, do you know who your superfans are? You know — those subscribers that are always opening, clicking and […]

The Evolution of Mobile Design at the Brewers Association

The world of mobile design can be a daunting one. The Brewers Association first heard about the importance of mobile design at our User Conference a few years ago, and was inspired to look into properly designing for their audience. From custom HTML to responsive design, they’ve explored and tested multiple options to find out […]

What to Know Before Going Responsive

Responsive design is quickly becoming a mainstream component in email standards due to the increased popularity of mobile devices. Although responsive design provides an optimal mobile experience for many supported devices, it’s important to know that it’s still in its infancy stages and not yet an end-all solution for all email platforms and devices. When […]

Breaking Bad (Design)

Like thousands of Americans binge-watching the complete series of Breaking Bad on Netflix, I too have caught the bug. Let me just come out and say it: the show is awesome. Do I dare say the best show on television. Ever.  Now, I know I’m a bit obsessed. It’s become me and my wife’s way […]