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The Outlook Page Break

AKA large gaps in your email! What it is, and how you can fight it. The Outlook page break is one of the most confusing rendering issues for those who send out email.  First I’ll define the problem, then I’ll show how to “fight” it, then I’ll discuss the technical reasons why it happens. The […]

Quick Tip: Fixing Outlook 2013 Wrap Padding

Continuing our series on issues arising in Outlook, let’s take a look at the growing frustration with wrapping images around text in Outlook 2013. Anyone who has created a mailing and tested with Outlook’s latest desktop platform might come across a story that looks like this: You’ll notice that the left edge of the text […]

Fixing Outlook 365: Image Splits

Microsoft is quickly shifting their Outlook platform from desktop to the web. We first saw change to, and now their desktop component is changing into a paid subscription based service online: Outlook 365. A new addition to the already long list of email clients available online, 365 is already displaying signs of stubbornness […]

How to correctly insert images in your HTML email

Every email client comes with its own challenges. For instance, sliced up images that render perfectly fine in Outlook 2007-2010 will sometimes show gaps in Outlook 2013 or Gmail. Below are some tips and workarounds that work well at solving most of the issues associated with the rendering of images. 1. Add “border-collapse” property to your […]

Alternatives to Expensive Design Software

There are many resources available on the web when it comes to software that can be used to design your emails – all of the ones listed below are free.  State-of-the-art software is insanely cool and can often be a time-saver, but do you really need to spend hundreds of dollars on something that you […]