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The Perfect Combo: Design and Content Done Right

Strong email design is not just about the appearance of your email in the inbox or on a mobile device. Your email can include video, beautiful images, and great calls to action, but if the user experience is not a consideration in your design, your email engagement rates could suffer. The marriage of design and […]

Outlook 2016 is Coming

That’s right, just when you were getting used to your shiny new Outlook 2013 edition, Microsoft went and announced the development of their Office 2016 model in January of this year.  At the time of this blog entry, only the Mac version of Office 2016 has been released under Office 365, but the Windows iteration […]

Quick Tip: Image Rendering Issue with Outlook 2013

You may have noticed that perfectly-mapped, sliced images placed inside table cells that render flawlessly across the board will sometimes show unwanted gaps in Outlook 2013. If you’re wondering if it’s something that you’re doing wrong or it’s a known Outlook 2013 issue, well, it’s definitely Outlook! Outlook 2013 gives a default height of about […]

Quick Tip: Removing hairline borders in HTML emails on iPhone & iPad

We sometimes run into an issue with hairline borders appearing in HTML email designs with table layouts, these borders are sometimes barely visible and appear only at certain zoom levels. This might look something like the image below:   This usually happens when you apply background color to two or more table cells individually, like […]

The Outlook Page Break

AKA large gaps in your email! What it is, and how you can fight it. The Outlook page break is one of the most confusing rendering issues for those who send out email.  First I’ll define the problem, then I’ll show how to “fight” it, then I’ll discuss the technical reasons why it happens. The […]