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Some things you should never leave to luck…

…and your email strategy is one of them! If you don’t take time to create a plan surrounding an email campaign, you could be wasting your resources. You need to develop a plan of attack! Who are you sending the emails to? How often will you send? How can you measure the campaign’s success? In our […]

Our Greatest Hits!

With the halfway point for the year right around the corner (wow — where did the last five months go!?), now is a great time to take a look at your goals for 2011 and your progress towards achieving them. Have you conquered integrating your email marketing and social media efforts? What about deliverability — […]

Note to Self: Use These 10 Tips to Improve Member Retention Rates with Email

If member retention falls under your purview at your association or non-profit, you already know how critical—and how difficult—a task it is. Members leave for every reason imaginable and no reason at all, but an effective email strategy can improve member retention rates significantly.  This is important because studies show it costs marketers five times […]

In Email Marketing, Relevance Rules

Are you an email marketer who loves a good statistic? If so, here’s one you can’t afford to ignore: The No. 1 reason people unsubscribe from email marketing messages, according to Forrester Research, is irrelevance. Nearly three-quarters of people, some 74 percent, are turned off by, and therefore tune out, messages that have nothing to […]

How to Create Great Email Content (It's Not About You)

Everyone wants (or should want!) to create great email content, because having great content is what leads to great results.  Offering something of value to your members is what will make them consistently open, click, and share your emails.  Creating great content is easier than you think, just follow a few simple strategies. 1. It’s All […]