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4 Ways to Achieve Relevancy in the Inbox

Looking to up your email relevancy game? Now is the perfect time to start. The 2014 Association Email Marketing Benchmark Report released last month found that above everything (including mobile design and other trends) relevant, targeted emails perform the best and have the highest engagement numbers. How do you achieve relevancy? Here are some ideas. […]

Language Filters

Recently I was walking back from our local deli with some piping hot turkey chili.  As I navigated the gently falling snowflakes in this late winter dusting, I realized a group of three young adults were fast approaching on the same sidewalk.  I navigated a bit to the right to allow the trio to pass […]

Fire Up Your Fundraising

Do you ever feel like a broken record, constantly asking people to volunteer or donate? Year after year, it seems like it’s always the same group that donates, but what do you do when your message has fallen on deaf ears? Or worse yet, what if your committed donors start falling off? It is time […]

What I Want You to Know about Email Marketing

I wanted to use this week to share a few tips with you that a few of our eMarketing Advisors–your partners for success at Informz–asked me to share with everyone when it comes to email marketing. Here at Informz we offer many suggestions on subject lines, design and improving click-thru rates, but what about those […]

Email Marketing and the Small Business

In the article Email Insider: Email Marketing Tools: The Basics & Beyond recently released by MediaPost Publications, we learn just how important email marketing has become to small businesses and their marketing initiatives. With direct mail  and print advertising on the decline, email marketing has proved to be more cost effective and consistent than it’s […]