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Social Advertising for Newbies (Here’s What Worked for Me)

No, I am not a summer intern, trying my hand at corporate social media for the first time. Over the past four years I have been managing corporate social media accounts. Something I had not done, however, was dip my toe into the art of social advertising. When my manager first broached the subject of […]

What is marketing automation?

Have you heard the buzz about marketing automation but you aren’t exactly sure what that means? I’ve been getting this question a lot recently, and honestly, I think that it means something a little different to everyone. At a high level, marketing automation is all about – you guessed it – automation! The idea is that […]

12 Email Marketing Basics Everyone Should Follow

There’s a huge difference between email and email marketing. The first method involves sending a single blanket message to a list of people who are supposedly interested in what you have to say. The second method of email marketing involves strategy. If you’ve read this far, keep going to confirm that your emarketing efforts are on […]

Benchmark Data: Results by Number of Recipients

This month’s data spotlight looks at the affect of list size on open and click rates. (click to enlarge) At first glance, it’s quite clear that the smaller a mailing list is, the higher the open and click rates are. Emails sent to the smallest group examined — less than 50 subscribers — had the […]

How One Association Easily Targets, Customizes and Creates Relevant Email

The importance of relevant, targeted email content was not lost on the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA). The HBA was spending a lot of time – upwards of twelve hour a week – creating 15 customized versions of their weekly enewsletter, and knew that there had to be an easier way. Once they discovered some of […]