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What Unsubscribers Can Teach an Email Marketer

I’m sitting at my desk creating another masterpiece (email/landing page/automated email campaign) and I see my “Darn, Another Unsubscriber” folder jump one more. This means someone unsubscribed. What?! Why?! Informz automatically unsubscribes non-delivered emails (and I hold that feature near and dear to my heart in the name of sender reputation), but there’s a person […]

12 Email Marketing Basics Everyone Should Follow

There’s a huge difference between email and email marketing. The first method involves sending a single blanket message to a list of people who are supposedly interested in what you have to say. The second method of email marketing involves strategy. If you’ve read this far, keep going to confirm that your emarketing efforts are on […]

How do I improve my open rates?

This past week I’ve been asked the question “How do I improve my open rates?” more times than I have in the past three years I’ve worked here at Informz! I wanted to provide some good starting points on how to attack this loaded question, in case you too are losing sleep over your troubled […]

Email Marketing New Year's Resolutions

Don’t let your resolutions for the new year get sidetracked! With the new year approaching, many emarketers are thinking about what their New Year’s resolutions will be for 2013. Here are some ideas for possible New Year’s resolutions to keep your email marketing plan on track this year! Email lists. Now is the time to […]

Is your list tainted?

I finished my last blog post telling you that you shouldn’t purchase email lists and told you to consider how someone could possibly sell a large list of “good, opt-in” email addresses for a relatively small fee. Take a look at your subscriber list and search for email addresses that have a role-specific local portion […]