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The People’s Choice: Best Subject Lines of 2015

Ready for the key to getting your emails opened and read? Engaging your audience through email starts with a compelling subject line. Ask yourself these questions: Do you know what subject lines work best for your audience?  What makes a subject line engaging? Humor? Thankfulness? Does your audience respond to personalization? We did the leg-work and dug […]

Is Your Email Strategy Leaving Money on the Table?

I receive an incredible amount of emails and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Where else can I have a front row seat to the creativity and strategy of marketers across all industries. I am amused and inspired by clever subject lines and smart marketing tactics from businesses vying to get my attention. I […]

Subject Line Test Data – Get Ready to Be Inspired!

So much thought and effort goes into creating email content and it’s disheartening to think that only a percentage of the audience will ever see it. The reality is that there is a lot at stake and it’s all riding on a few elements: the friendly from name, the subject line and the preheader text. […]

2015 Subject Line Test Results: You might be surprised!

What makes a subject line engaging to you? Do you respond to personalization? Do you like subject lines that are fun and playful? Oftentimes marketers choose what would work for them and run with it. But do you know what really works best for your audience? Savvy marketers know that subject line testing is the […]

The Best Subject Lines of 2015

Looking for fresh subject line ideas to increase your open rates? Do you know what really works best for your audience? Register for this webinar to find out! Subject line testing is the only way to stay in front of audience engagement. Join us on Wednesday, January 13 at 2pm ET for The Best Subject Lines […]