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Ask A Strategist: How to Get Buy-In from Your Boss to Test Subject Lines

As the Strategic Services Manager at Informz, I often find myself hearing the same questions asked repeatedly from clients in all different industries, so I’d like to introduce our newest series on the blog: Ask A Strategist! This post is addressing a question I’ve heard a lot lately, especially with the release of our newest […]

Trending Now: Winning Subject Lines [ebook]

What do email marketers want above all else? Conversions! And that begins with getting your emails opened. Let’s face it, you spend a lot of time creating attractive, engaging email content. BUT if your subject line does not speak to your audience, the email may never get opened and engaged with. There is A LOT […]

7,000 Subject Line Tests Later [Webinar Recording]

Ready to boost your open rates with the perfect subject line? Good, because we’ve got the data to help you do it! In 2016, Informz clients implemented over 7,000 subject line tests resulting in over 100 million emails sent as part of an A/B test. That’s a lot of testing! We knew there would be […]

How to Increase Open Rates Without Touching the Subject Line!

Although it’s been said you get one chance to make a good impression, with email marketing you actually have three chances to make a great inbox impression. The three chances – or email elements – are the friendly from, the subject line and the pre-header text. Of these three, the subject line is the one […]

Can Email Make You Feel Lucky?

Have you ever felt lucky to belong to an organization? Fraternities or sororities, sports teams, charities, local advocacy groups; whatever the type may be that sense of belonging can make you feel lucky, like you’re special. I recently experienced this very thing with a gym I joined. The same day that I signed up online […]