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3 Reasons Why Your Organization Needs Social Media

You may not feel like there is any special reason to create accounts for your organization on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. but the truth is, you need to establish your brand’s presence somewhere on social media. “Need” may sound like a strong word, but it’s true! Whether you are an association, or retailer, or publisher, or […]

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Social Advertising for Newbies (Here’s What Worked for Me)

No, I am not a summer intern, trying my hand at corporate social media for the first time. Over the past four years I have been managing corporate social media accounts. Something I had not done, however, was dip my toe into the art of social advertising. When my manager first broached the subject of […]

Social Marketers On Air

I might be a little behind here, but the clouds have parted and I just heard of another great option for audience engagement with video – Google+ Hangouts On Air. We all know Google+ Hangouts is a useful tool when connecting with clients, colleagues, friends and pets (yes I said pets).  Now, with this nifty […]

Top 10 Tips for Great Newsletters

I recently presented a webinar for an audience that is brand new to email marketing where I shared my top 10 tips for great enewsletters. As email marketers, we always get caught up in new trends, hot topics, and the latest buzzwords, but revisiting the basics every now and then is never a bad idea, […]

Social media bogging you down?

Developing, managing or setting up a social media strategy for your organization is critical for your social media success. Taking the time to be thoughtful in the planning and execution of your social media strategy will help you save time, focus content, and establish metrics to measure your success. Here are some tips on focusing […]