Category: Responsive Design

Don’t Convert, Create!

With responsive design in full swing, we are receiving a lot of requests to convert existing templates and mailings into a responsive format. Although this sounds like a simple task, we urge you not to think of it as merely converting, but rather creating! When you think about the word convert, it literally means “changing […]

The Email Marketer's Guide to Responsive Design

We’ve talked a lot about responsive email design on the blog this year (see this post or this post). Have you tried it out yet? Are you thinking about making the change to templates utilizing reponsive design? If you’re considering making the leap, the Informz Design Team has put together a handy resource — The Email Marketer’s […]

Rethinking Your Steps for Responsive Design

Responsive design has certainly become the buzz in email marketing, which means that you should rethink the way in which you are designing your email templates. It doesn’t necessarily mean adding more work onto your design plate, and if thought out properly, it will alleviate many of the challenges in creating a new layout for […]

Is Responsive Email Design the Answer?

Responsive design is a major buzzword right now in the email design world. It’s no secret that mobile email readership is consistently increasing (our own benchmark report is showing that mobile readership has now surpassed desktop readership) and mobile optimization is a must. Could responsive design be the answer to email marketers’ mobile design woes? […]