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Spooky Email Miscues to Avoid

As we enter this haunted season filled with tricks and treats, now seems like an appropriate time to discuss scary emails. Haunted houses are intended to be scary. Horror movies like Friday the 13th are supposed to scary. Emails really aren’t supposed to be. Here are some scary email mistakes I’ve witnessed that have spooked subscribers. […]

Responsive Design is Easy

I’ve been there — unenthused to learn responsive email design — all because I did not want to understand what a media query was.  I imagined it was a complex thing that would require hours and hours to grasp. But as an email template designer, it was time to update the skillset whether I liked […]

Increasing Click Rates with Responsive Design

There’s been a lot of chatter on our blog over the past year or so about responsive design, whether it’s right for you and your subscribers, and how other associations have navigated mobile design. Now we’re starting to bask in the glory of some pretty awesome results our clients are seeing. There is one resounding […]

The Evolution of Mobile Design at the Brewers Association

The world of mobile design can be a daunting one. The Brewers Association first heard about the importance of mobile design at our User Conference a few years ago, and was inspired to look into properly designing for their audience. From custom HTML to responsive design, they’ve explored and tested multiple options to find out […]

What to Know Before Going Responsive

Responsive design is quickly becoming a mainstream component in email standards due to the increased popularity of mobile devices. Although responsive design provides an optimal mobile experience for many supported devices, it’s important to know that it’s still in its infancy stages and not yet an end-all solution for all email platforms and devices. When […]