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Is it Wednesday yet?

Here at Informz, we’ve shared that the “best” day and time to send an email, for the highest open and click rates, is Wednesday, mid-day. Does that mean you should start scheduling every single one of your emails to go out Wednesday at noon? Maybe, maybe not. Benchmarks are a great place to start, and certainly […]

5 Reasons Spring Cleaning is Overrated

If your winter has been anything like ours in Upstate New York, then, like us, you’re likely ready for spring! But before we get ahead of ourselves and start wishing the first three months (and Q1) away for brighter, warmer days, it’s important to take advantage of the time we have to report on and […]

Top 10 Tips for Great Newsletters

I recently presented a webinar for an audience that is brand new to email marketing where I shared my top 10 tips for great enewsletters. As email marketers, we always get caught up in new trends, hot topics, and the latest buzzwords, but revisiting the basics every now and then is never a bad idea, […]

You Ask It, We Answer It!

It’s getting close to the end of the year and marketers are working on next year’s email marketing plans. Are you in the middle of working on your organization’s plan and getting stuck with questions that need answering? Then this webinar is just for you! Join us on Wednesday, November 14th at 2pm US EDT […]

Back to School…Back to Email Basics

That’s right, even if you don’t have children that you are sending off on the school bus, you definitely have noticed more traffic or train riders since Labor Day. This only means one thing: vacation is over and school is open for business! Each fall, we as students would spend a week reviewing the basics, […]