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Efficient Email Marketing [Infographic]

Are you on a mission to create a more efficient email marketing program at your organization? Here are our favorite tools to keep in your back pocket to save time and money and elevate your efficiency and effectiveness. (click to enlarge) Integrated Email Marketing We are clearly big fans of integrated email marketing at Informz. […]

Determining the Right Email Frequency

How many emails should I be sending? How much is too much email? How do I keep members informed and engaged while avoiding inbox fatigue? Every email marketer wants to know the answers to these questions. According to the 2014 Association Email Marketing Benchmark Report, 70% of associations send 1–5 emails to members each month. […]

Using Reports for Smarter Email Marketing

Over the past few years I’ve worked at Informz, I’ve seen that most email marketers seem to fall into one of two categories: those who analyze, scour, and dive deep into their reporting metrics for every email or campaign, and those who look at reporting as an afterthought. Sometimes you’re juggling so many tasks that your email marketing […]

'Tis the Season

I hate to be the bearer of obvious (and possibly mind blowing) news, but June will be here faster than you can say “Memorial Day Weekend!” That means that we’re almost to the halfway point of the year (and possibly your fiscal year as well), and that might mean a few different things for you. […]

How ALA Attributed Over Six Figures of Revenue to Email Marketing

Calculating return on investment isn’t easy, but in order to make educated decisions about what works and what doesn’t, ROI calculations can be very informative. The American Library Association, an Informz client, used Informz conversion tracking to make the process a bit easier, and uncovered some pretty substantive numbers. ALA discovered that their email marketing efforts […]