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3 Tips for Re-engaging Inactive Community Members

Ah yes, tips to re-engage your inactive members. Let me start with a story. We recently got two Labrador puppies and are in the process of training them. While they are adorable and fun and playful, man is it frustrating when they don’t listen. We have a few of the basics down, but getting them […]

Pursuing the Emotionally Unsubscribed

“The most destructive criticism is indifference.” –  E.W. Howe When you really think about it, email marketing is a one-way conversation. You have something important to say, your content is incredibly valuable and your constituents would benefit tremendously from what you have to offer. It is kind of like talking on the phone without knowing […]

Can Email Make You Feel Lucky?

Have you ever felt lucky to belong to an organization? Fraternities or sororities, sports teams, charities, local advocacy groups; whatever the type may be that sense of belonging can make you feel lucky, like you’re special. I recently experienced this very thing with a gym I joined. The same day that I signed up online […]

Webinar: Hidden Gems in Informz

Do you know what percentage of your subscribers are completely uninterested in opening your emails? I can show you where to find that number (and tell you what to do with those subscribers). On the flip side, do you know who your superfans are? You know — those subscribers that are always opening, clicking and […]

They're Just Not That Into You: Making Inactive Subscribers Active Again

Email is all about relationships — creating a trusting, established relationship with your loyal readers — but also addressing the “rocky” relationships you may have with your less-loyal readers: your inactive subscribers. I’m talking about people who your email gets delivered to, but show no history of opening or clicking (sometimes we refer to them […]