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Language Filters

Recently I was walking back from our local deli with some piping hot turkey chili.  As I navigated the gently falling snowflakes in this late winter dusting, I realized a group of three young adults were fast approaching on the same sidewalk.  I navigated a bit to the right to allow the trio to pass […]

Communicating Through the Generation Alphabet

Membership can be finicky these days. Just when we think we have mastered our audience and our benefits to them, something else comes out to make us say “ hmm.” Whether this be communication outlets such as Facebook, a closed social community or research that decides that deeper segmentation needs to be done in order to […]

You Ask It, We Answer It!

It’s getting close to the end of the year and marketers are working on next year’s email marketing plans. Are you in the middle of working on your organization’s plan and getting stuck with questions that need answering? Then this webinar is just for you! Join us on Wednesday, November 14th at 2pm US EDT […]

Email Marketing and the Small Business

In the article Email Insider: Email Marketing Tools: The Basics & Beyond recently released by MediaPost Publications, we learn just how important email marketing has become to small businesses and their marketing initiatives. With direct mail  and print advertising on the decline, email marketing has proved to be more cost effective and consistent than it’s […]

Advisor Vlog: Re-Engagement in 5 Easy Steps

We all know the importance of subscriber engagement. Sometimes, though, subscribers can become inactive. Maybe they’re overwhelmed by emails, and your message gets lost in the shuffle, or maybe they’re not enticed by your subject lines. Either way, it’s time to stop wasting your resources on these inactive subscribers and start a re-engagement campaign to […]