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Mobile isn't the future, it's the present!

Most of us design our email and websites for a desktop device first, leaving the design for mobile part secondary. With an increasing number of mobile users (we talk about this in another post ), which are around 1.2 billion in the world right now, we must change the way we’ve been thinking. In the U.S. alone, over […]

The Power of the Preheader

Email marketers talk a lot about the importance of creating the perfect subject line. It’s a huge part of the email creation process, and one that has a major impact on whether or not your email is opened. Another major part? The preheader. A preheader is the top section of your email message, the first […]

Top 10 Tips for Great Newsletters

I recently presented a webinar for an audience that is brand new to email marketing where I shared my top 10 tips for great enewsletters. As email marketers, we always get caught up in new trends, hot topics, and the latest buzzwords, but revisiting the basics every now and then is never a bad idea, […]

Why a mobile event app?

Engaging attendees around an event is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to managing an event. You need to provide a great experience while onsite at the event to not just make it a memorable event, but it’s also key to keeping them invested in your association and keep them coming back year […]

Is Responsive Email Design the Answer?

Responsive design is a major buzzword right now in the email design world. It’s no secret that mobile email readership is consistently increasing (our own benchmark report is showing that mobile readership has now surpassed desktop readership) and mobile optimization is a must. Could responsive design be the answer to email marketers’ mobile design woes? […]