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Call me, maybe?

Going mobile is not the next big shakeup in the web and email world — it is happening now! Delivering mobile-friendly content has become a necessity rather than an option. According to the 2013 Association Email Marketing Benchmark Report, mobile email readership has surpassed desktop email readership. One of the primary goals of each message […]

Don’t Convert, Create!

With responsive design in full swing, we are receiving a lot of requests to convert existing templates and mailings into a responsive format. Although this sounds like a simple task, we urge you not to think of it as merely converting, but rather creating! When you think about the word convert, it literally means “changing […]

Mobile Engagement Strategies

Earlier this week, our friend Michael Jones from Results Direct joined us on a webinar, Mobile 2014: It’s All About Engagement, to share his ideas about different ways associations can start crafting a plan for a mobile engagement strategy. He presented a lot of great case studies — things associations are already doing, and doing well […]

Making tough mobile decisions in 2014

Are you prepared to make tough choices about mobile in 2014? Over the past few years, smartphones and tablets have altered the web content and services landscape dramatically. It’s time to make tough choices about how to prioritize mobile, which technologies to embrace, and how to strategize. Michael Jones, Director of Mobile Technologies at Results […]

Attendees in Flight

The Federal Aviation Administration’s recent approval of the use of portable electronics during takeoff is big news. Not only is this going to make flying a little less stressful, but it could affect association meetings as well. Many associations played a role in this getting this approved and the potential for impact on attendees at their […]