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deep clean database

How to Deep Clean Your Database (And Keep It That Way!)

We LOVE data. And we know you guys do, too. Our subject line data webinar is our best attended event and our benchmark report is our single most downloaded resource. But those reports aren’t worth their salt unless they’re reliable. So how do we keep a clean database? Make it someone’s job, of course! Perhaps the […]

The Key to Embracing Change

We’ve all been the “new” employee at some point. Whether you started a career at a brand new company or moved into a new role at your current employer, you know what it feels like to be the “new kid on the block.” You probably felt anxious, maybe a little nervous, but also motivated, and pretty […]

Ask A Strategist: How to Get Buy-In from Your Boss to Test Subject Lines

As the Strategic Services Manager at Informz, I often find myself hearing the same questions asked repeatedly from clients in all different industries, so I’d like to introduce our newest series on the blog: Ask A Strategist! This post is addressing a question I’ve heard a lot lately, especially with the release of our newest […]

Email Open Rate

How We Got a 50% Email Open Rate (And You Can Too!)

Well, a 52% email open rate to be exact. Good email marketers regularly track their email metrics. Great email marketers regularly track their email metrics and then make improvements to their program based on their results. On our marketing team, our campaign manager does this really well. She’s so good at following up on the […]

social advertising

Social Advertising for Newbies (Here’s What Worked for Me)

No, I am not a summer intern, trying my hand at corporate social media for the first time. Over the past four years I have been managing corporate social media accounts. Something I had not done, however, was dip my toe into the art of social advertising. When my manager first broached the subject of […]