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How to Set Goals for Automated Campaigns

The advisor team at Informz is often asked how to set goals for automated campaigns. It sounds like a reasonable task; however, it can be a bit daunting. Several questions spin in my mind as I brainstorm goals with clients. Start With Why Often I suggest that clients start with why. Why did you purchase marketing automation? Did […]


Advice for the Modern Marketer: How to Explain What You Do

Marketers are hard at work trying to make things happen for their organizations. It can be challenging when it comes to explaining exactly what you do to non-marketers. It’s even harder to illustrate the blood, sweat, and tears (sometimes literal tears) that you invest in your work. For a digital marketer, “What do you do […]


Illinois ASBO Increased Event Revenue by $20,000

The Illinois Association of School Business Officials (IASBO) is devoted to the school business management profession, providing members with professional development activities, services, and advocacy. Like many organizations, inefficient internal processes held up their event campaign creation process. IASBO was struggling with delivering members targeted content, resulting in lower engagement. By recognizing the changes they needed […]

mapping out an automated campaign

Mapping out an Automated Campaign…Together!

Marketing automation is no longer the future of email marketing — it’s the here and now. As with any new device, piece of technology, or platform, we need to adapt to what is relevant. Learning new tools can be hard, and finding the time to learn new tools can be even harder, but we’re here to […]


Getting Buy-In for Marketing Automation

Like all kids, one of my daughters really wants her own iPad, iPhone, iTouch — any electronic that contains an “I.” I told her to present her case to me on why she should have one. Did you think I wasn’t going to make her work for it? As a part of the business development team […]