Category: Marketing Automation

Creating Target Personas

A persona template and overview for creating your personas A persona by definition is the way your character or personality is perceived/presented to others. In marketing, when we talk about creating value and relevancy (which is the key to marketing success) understanding the persona of our target customers, users, members, or donors is critical. And […]

Your digital alter-ego

From the websites you visit to the webinars you attend, every digital click or “move” you make is another indicator of who you are and what you’re worth as a human being. Ok, not really as a human being, but it’s indicative of what you’re “worth” on a consumer level, to the businesses that relate […]

An unconventional to-be-thankful for list

The holidays are officially upon us and with them come the never-ending lists of what people are thankful for. From the currently trending, daily Facebook posts of things people are thankful for, to the lists of anywhere from 1-100 “things to be thankful for,” thankfulness is rampant this time of year, and I love it! The […]