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mapping out an automated campaign

Mapping out an Automated Campaign…Together!

Marketing automation is no longer the future of email marketing — it’s the here and now. As with any new device, piece of technology, or platform, we need to adapt to what is relevant. Learning new tools can be hard, and finding the time to learn new tools can be even harder, but we’re here to […]


Getting Buy-In for Marketing Automation

Like all kids, one of my daughters really wants her own iPad, iPhone, iTouch — any electronic that contains an “I.” I told her to present her case to me on why she should have one. Did you think I wasn’t going to make her work for it? As a part of the business development team […]

8 Signs You Need Marketing Automation

You’ve heard the buzz about marketing automation. And it’s true — implementing marketing automation can lead to some really cool results. But do you need marketing automation? If you’re on the fence about how it’ll change the way your team operates and drives results, ask yourself if you’re faced with some of these challenges. If so, maybe it’s time to […]

honor society automated welcome campaign

Automated Welcome Campaign Yields 74.5% Open Rates and 32% Click Rates

The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi was facing a membership engagement challenge. Membership numbers were strong, but engagement and renewals were weaker than they wanted. To address this, Jamie Chapman, Phi Kappa Phi’s Member Engagement Director, implemented an automated welcome campaign. Automated campaigns are the perfect vehicle for welcoming new members. They also set […]

Webinar: Drive Event Registration with Automated Campaigns

Driving registration to online and offline events is not for the faint of heart. There is a lot of pressure to perform and the counting begins soon after the first email is sent. Is an automated event campaign a part of your strategy? “How are we doing with event registrations? How does that compare to […]