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5 Ways to Improve Personalization in Your Email

Do you have questions about best practices for your email blasts (AKA “eblasts”)? Have you ever wondered what’s the best day and time to send an email blast? The number one best practice for email blasts is to drop the word “blast” from your vocabulary and mindset. Your email marketing strategy needs to focus on engaging […]

3 Ways to Optimize New Member Recruitment Efforts

Asking for too much too soon can sabotage any new relationship. Prospecting is no exception. A prospective member’s journey usually begins at the introductory stage, when they become aware of your organization. At this stage, the relationship is just forming and there is much to be learned. While it may be tempting to go straight […]

4-Step Strategy for Recruiting Lapsed Members

Like most organizations, the American Association for Respiratory Care’s membership levels didn’t plummet overnight. They had telltale signs that things weren’t moving in the right direction. For AARC, it had been a bit of a balancing act. Membership had been flat year-over-year until the number of lapsed members outpaced new member registration. Not unlike a […]

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Getting Started with Automated Campaigns

Think about the steps that go into planning and executing email campaigns. Do you use a whiteboard to visually flow out comprehensive marketing campaigns? Are you purposefully planning your response to actions that constituents take? Do you want the communications to have a personal touch, almost like the ebb and flow of verbal communication? You […]

3 Ways to Use Text Emails In Your Email Marketing Strategy

Email is email right? A snazzy, HTML-stylized piece of art packaged with a header or hero image, fancy font, a button, and a footer. But not all emails need to be “pretty.” Have you ever thought of incorporating simple text emails into your email marketing strategy? I’m suggesting emails with a little less HTML “sparkle” […]