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NAADAC’s 38% Increase in Membership (In 11 Months!)

Last spring, NAADAC, The Association for Addiction Professionals, went through a complete restructure of how they communicate with their members and nonmembers while simultaneously rebranding their association. They partnered with Informz to integrate their database and email marketing efforts, and took advantage of the integration, Informz reporting tools and advanced features, and now find themselves in an […]

Before you go big, think little

Ah, big data. It’s one of the year’s biggest buzzwords, psyching everyone out, and throwing marketers into a tailspin. But is big data as big of a deal as it’s being made out to be? And what about other data – is “little data” less important now? Analyzing big data entails delving deep into very […]

I'm Going to Miami!

[Cue Will Smith song] “I’m going to Miami!” And I’m back, already. Last week I took a very short (only one night!) jaunt to Miami to speak at the annual D3000 conference on the glories of email marketing. For those not in the know: D3000 is a database product of SMI, a lovely partner we […]

Is Integrated Right For You?

That’s the question that our newest guide all about integrated email marketing will answer for you.  We talk to a lot of associations who are frustrated with their current email programs because they’re having trouble engaging members. They’re afraid to try and segment members to create more relevant and interesting emails, because they’re not confident […]