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Save the Date for the Informz Superfan Summit 2016

Calling all Informz Superfans, are you ready for the annual Informz user conference?!  We’re back in Arlington, VA on November 15 – 17, and we are beefing up the Informz Superfan Summit for 2016! It seems that two days just wasn’t enough so we’re adding a pre-conference day to get the party started. Join us on November […]

What should I do first after the Superfan Summit?

The 2015 Informz Superfan Summit was a blast! As a presenter, it was fun hearing from attendees about how much they enjoyed my presentations and as an attendee I learned new tips to better my email marketing efforts. The one question that is in my mind as an attendee is “what should I do first?” […]

The Ins and Outs of the Informz API

There are a lot of organizations who offer you an API (Application Programming Interface) for integrating your system with theirs. Most of them use a “duck and cover approach” where they throw some complicated documents at you over a fence and run away before you can ask them anything. Not so here at Informz. We […]

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Everything you need to know about Informz for iMIS

Email marketing and marketing automation — tools that streamline your processes and create efficiencies for your organization — become even more powerful when they’re integrated with your member management software. An integration allows you to avoid the time consuming task of extracting and uploading lists. It also gives you laser accurate targeting and list segmentation […]

Need a campaign breakthrough? Get ready to be inspired!

Do you feel inspired by personal stories of challenges, transformations and results? Have you recently been inspired by someone else’s success? We are naturally drawn to the things that lift us up, give us a new perspective, and stir up our “can do” attitude. The power of storytelling is in our DNA. We are wired […]