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Making your Automated Fundraising Campaign a Success

Fundraising campaigns are so crucial to an organizations’ success. A lot of times, your organization is depending on a campaign to provide funds to help you achieve your mission. Revenue-driven campaigns are ones you simply cannot afford to “just get out the door.” They require thoughtful planning and execution. As an Advisor here at Informz, […]

Beta Theta Pi raises $300,000 in one month with blended fundraising strategy

Informz Success Story Beta Theta Pi used Informz as part of a blending fundraising strategy to raise $300,000 for their Annual Fund in one month. Leading up to the end of their fiscal year, Beta Theta Pi developed a blended fundraising strategy to make a big push to donate to the Beta Leadership Fund. Their strategy included direct […]

Telling Stories in Fundraising Emails

When sending email to your subscribers, keeping them informed about your organization is always a top priority. However, when you’re seeking donations from your audience, there’s strategy required to motivate them to contribute – you need to tell stories. Here’s are a few ways how storytelling can impact your email fundraising efforts. Tell the Tale of […]

Blended Fundraising Strategy Raises $300k in One Month

Integrating communications channels is one of the best ways to maximize your message’s impact and save time. Beta Theta Pi, an international college fraternity with a mission of developing men of principle for a principled life, runs the annual Beta Leadership Fund appeal, which combined with planned gifts from alumni, undergraduates, parents and friends, allows the Foundation […]

Tips for Soliciting Gen Y Donors from a Gen-Xer

One of the integral parts of the 51st Annual AFP Conference in San Antonio, Texas conference came on Monday morning when I learned about the essence of fundraising and the seven tenets through an inspirational, fun and interactive show. The tenets of fundraising were explained to the audience as:  Stories Connection Inspiration Conversation Engagement Belonging […]