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3 New Strategies Associations Are Using to Market Events

When it comes to getting attendees at your events and bringing in that highly coveted non-dues revenue, the heat is on. Are you sick of the same ole’ marketing plans for your annual events? Are you wondering how you can kick it up a notch? Here are a few ideas for your next event marketing […]

Let’s Get Swapping!

Sadly, summer is coming to an end and we are going to be back in the office with no more half day Fridays or casual summer policies. But that doesn’t mean we need to have the summertime blues, because I have a solution for you! Idea Swaps! We have two idea swaps coming up in […]

The 4 Best Parts of ASAE Annual

Here at last, here at last! ASAE’s Annual Meeting and Expo is kicking off this weekend and we could not be more excited. A dozen members of the Informz team are packing their bags and heading to Salt Lake City. Why are we so amped for this event? We can’t just chose one reason so we’ll give […]

PersoniFest, Ready or Not, Here We Come!

Hey there, party people. PersoniFest 2016 is next week and we are PUMPED! Why, you may ask? Let us break it down for you. Here’s our top 5 reasons we are looking forward to seeing everyone at PersoniFest from April 17-20. 1. Gold Stars Informz for Personify 360 flaunts a gold star integration that we can’t help […]

10 Tips from the Virtual Idea Swap

From email template design to content and engagement, we covered a whole slew of ideas in 60 minutes. But here are 10 tips from attendees of the Virtual Idea Swap. (Want to see for yourself? Click here to view the webinar replay.) 1. Pre-headers By inserting a pre-header you are basically getting another call to […]