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Average Email Event Promotional Timelines for Associations

When we sat down with participants of the 2017 Email Event Promotion Microstudy to discuss data points we wanted to collect, insight that would be helpful for associations, and event email metrics that would help us all strategize, promotional timeline was a key topic everyone brought up. Everyone wanted to know: how far in advance do you […]

Early Bird Emails Most Successful for Driving Event Attendance

When working with associations to develop the 2017 Email Event Promotion Microstudy, event size was an important consideration when discussing how events are promoted. Email campaigns vary in timing, duration, and strategy based on the size and scope of the event. Consequently, it’s difficult (and inaccurate) to compare a local, one-day event to your national […]

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2017 Email Event Promotion Microstudy

Have you ever wondered how your association’s event promotion strategy compares to other organizations’? Association marketers were asking us these questions: How does my promotional strategy line up to what others are doing? How many months in advance should we start promoting our annual event? Do our open and click rates seem on par with […]

email event promotion metrics webinar blog

Association Email Event Promotion Metrics [Webinar Recording]

Associations are known for bringing audiences together. One of the most popular ways of doing this is through live events. Email marketing is the primary channel to promote events and drive event attendance. Filling a venue with attendees is no easy task, and performance measurement begins as soon as the first email is sent. Up […]

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4 Ways to Use Social Media for Annual Meetings

Annual meetings are a great way to provide members with an experience that helps them connect with who you are as an organization. It’s also an opportunity to make them feel engaged with you and a part of what you represent. Using social media for annual meetings and events can help enhance the attendee experience […]