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Can Email Make You Feel Lucky?

Have you ever felt lucky to belong to an organization? Fraternities or sororities, sports teams, charities, local advocacy groups; whatever the type may be that sense of belonging can make you feel lucky, like you’re special. I recently experienced this very thing with a gym I joined. The same day that I signed up online […]

Personalization Opportunities Abound with Marketing Automation

We know the statistics, we have the proof. Personalized emails consistently outperform non-personalized communications. The question I have for you is, how do you define personalization and how are you incorporating it into your email strategy? If your definition of personalization is using a name field in a subject line then you are just scratching […]

Brand Identity: Split Personality or Consistently Cool?

 “Hey, it’s me. As you know I was browsing online and ended up spending quite a bit of time on your website.     I really enjoyed my visit and could tell we have a lot in common. When I saw that you had an email sign up list I was excited to see what […]

A 67% Increase in Email Newsletter Engagement

Learn how the Toy Industry Association executed a three-phase initiative that resulted in a 67% increase in clicks and 56% increase in opens of their monthly enewsletter. Toy News Tuesday is TIA’s weekly enewsletter, delivering the most up-to-date information regarding toy safety and regulations, association events and happenings and membership news. The enewsletter is delivered […]

12 Email Marketing Basics Everyone Should Follow

There’s a huge difference between email and email marketing. The first method involves sending a single blanket message to a list of people who are supposedly interested in what you have to say. The second method of email marketing involves strategy. If you’ve read this far, keep going to confirm that your emarketing efforts are on […]