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Three Steps to Begin Relationship Marketing

Relationship marketing begins with knowing and understanding your audience in order to provide the information they are interested in when they are interested in receiving it. We hosted a webinar, How to Move Up the Ladder of Relationship Marketing, this week with a panel of association experts: Lisa Campo, Marketing & Communications Manager at ACTFL; Fran Vincent, […]

5 Ways to Promote Online Community Engagement

Is your organization a good cultural fit for millennials? It’s been reported that 74% of millennials feel technology helps them stay connected to the people in their social network, at work, and at home. It’s not surprising that audiences that grew up with technology often prefer to interact with colleagues and peers through online channels. […]

Member Satisfaction vs. Engagement

Member satisfaction versus member engagement, which is better? I’d like to introduce you to Mary. Mary is a young nurse that has been in the field for a few years now. Earlier this year she needed to renew one of her licenses. Mary found that the medical association her hospital works with had all of […]

Four Takeways from #MMCCon to Increase Engagement

Attending ASAE’s Marketing, Membership and Communications Conference (#MMCCon) earlier this month in DC was awesome. I had hit a pre-summer slump, but got my groove back after sharing ideas, hearing case studies and socializing with marketing minded professionals! Here are 4 things I am doing at StayVA based off of the sessions I attended: 1. […]

Pursuing the Emotionally Unsubscribed

“The most destructive criticism is indifference.” –  E.W. Howe When you really think about it, email marketing is a one-way conversation. You have something important to say, your content is incredibly valuable and your constituents would benefit tremendously from what you have to offer. It is kind of like talking on the phone without knowing […]